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Podcast cover VOTE - Find Your Feisty Podcast, Episode 48

Highlights for VOTE

  • Politics isn’t about parties, labels, and symbols anymore (1:50)
  • Where my heart is (and my vote!) (3:30)
  • Are you voting as if…? (6:30)


It’s Election Day 2020! Today is the big day!

I hope you have already mailed in or dropped off your absentee ballot or voted early or made a plan to vote today.

There is nothing more important to do today than to let your voice be heard!

I remember the first time I voted after I turned 18 years old – I was thrilled to have my opinion matter in our country. I felt like such an adult.

But to be honest, I never paid much attention to politics, though I have lived in the shadow of the White House for my entire life. I’m embarrassed to admit that it just wasn’t that important to me. I paid attention enough to be a half-ass educated voter, but nothing more than that…

And if I’m being totally honest, politics never interested me because I wasn’t affected by it – I know now that that’s my privilege showing.

I was complicit while others made decisions, and I felt one person couldn’t really change anything. My silence was acceptance.

The 2016 election changed all of that for me.

After that, I no longer had the luxury of not paying attention. The days of not discussing politics in polite company are long gone!

Politics Isn’t About Parties, Labels, and Symbols Anymore

This is not about Democrat or Republican or donkey or elephant or Liberals or Conservatives – we are WAY past those labels.

People can have different opinions than I do about balancing the budget, taxes, etc., but NOT about human rights or racism. Just because it’s not happening to you doesn’t mean it’s not happening!

I want to know if people in my inner circle still support the current lunatic president, because if they do, it tells me a LOT about who they are as people … and I want to know who they really are!

My rights, the issues I truly care about, and how the people I love are affected – those all require my attention. I can no longer stick my head in the sand because things are too unpleasant to look at. This is too important.

My safety is on the line, and so is the safety of people that I love. We need to advocate for our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others.

And it’s been four lonnnnng-ass years since I had a panic attack in my living room on election night.

This election isn’t about just one issue, it’s a combination of very important issues – human rights issues, equality issues, morality issues, integrity issues, health issues … so much is at stake.

So many systems are broken, and we need real solutions, not more division and misery. We need a true leader for our country to bring us together again.

Where My Heart Is (And My Vote!)

I vote for women’s rights, marriage equality, anti-racism, healthcare, and to get kids out of cages and reunited with their parents.

I want to see more women and people of color elected so our country is truly represented by people that look like us.

I vote for real and honest journalism. I want protection for the men and women who risk so much to keep “We The People” informed about what’s happening – that’s what our Freedom of Speech is for.

I vote for someone who will not only uphold our constitution but support it and encourage it.

I vote for powerful women like Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to not only have a seat at the table but to open doors and make room for more women at the table.

I vote to continue her legacy of protecting women, empowering women, and making our country better because of it.

(Ruth Bader Ginsburg made it possible for me to have a bank account and credit card in my name without a man’s approval – and if you’re a woman, she did it for you, too!!! That’s fucking insane to me, that that happened IN MY LIFETIME! I can’t even make that shit up!)

I’m voting for my nieces to have proper medical care. Women are still not viewed equally and are often overlooked. Did you know that a woman having a heart attack is far more likely to have her symptoms written off as nothing and sent home, much more so than a man would be?

I’ve voting for my nieces to get medical screenings, treatment, and to have all  the options available to them explained without judgment or risking their lives. Men should not be making laws about women’s bodies.

I vote to send a clear message that racism has no place in our White House or our country.

I vote for equal rights for everyone: women, Black, indigenous people, people of color, LBGTQIA+! Everyone should be treated equally.

I encourage you to vote for more than the stock market performance of today, but for the world of tomorrow that you want your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to inherit … a world that is thriving, diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Are You Voting As If…?

I’ve seen this quoted in several places, and I’m not sure who to attribute it to (the earliest version I can find is from 314Yoga on Facebook). So, I don’t know its true origin, but it’s too good not to share.


Your skin is not white

Your parents need medical care

Your friend is a missing indigenous woman

Your spouse is an immigrant

Your land is on fire

Your son is transgender

Your house is flooded

Your sister is a victim of gun violence

Your brother is gay

Your water is unsafe

Your daughter is a sexual assault survivor.

Vote like your life depends on it – because it does!


(and tell them RBG sent you!)



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