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“You know what one of my favorite things about you is? Your ability to hold space without judgment or making me feel inadequate or trying to fix me or change my decision. You just hold this space that is so comfortable and safe and I feel like I can do anything in that space.” Megan S.

“Working with Shawna is completely amazing. She is compassionate, and challenges thoughts that are getting in the way of fully living the life I wanted. And, what’s more, she is an amazing #ladyboss. She helped me give permission to do the things that I have always wanted to do. Turns out, my thinking was the only thing in the way. And I have Shawna to thank for that. Thank you, sweet Shawna. :)” Trish W.

“When I began working with Shawna, my protective armor was firmly on and I was steadfastly holding onto all the reasons I absolutely cannot lose weight.  I’ve spent years in misery-hating myself and my body. Not a fun place to be. With Shawna’s loving blend of kind understanding and simultaneous ass kicking, I began to see that yes, punishing myself was not working and I didn’t need another diet, grueling workout or smack talk. What I needed was love and kindness. From me, to myself. I’m well on my way to ending this war thanks to Shawna’s excellent coaching.” Paige

“Shawna is not only a gifted BARE coach but a truly talented and well-rounded life coach. She showed me how to make small shifts instead of the all-or-nothing-big-wide-sweeping-changes I was trying to make. Little by little, shift by shift I learned how to stop the violence going on inside my head and replace it with a new script. Systematically, Shawna helped me to dismantle the very tired old shame story that has kept me stuck in self-loathing all of these years. She showed me how to believe that I am worthy of happiness, joy and freedom. But not just in my head, it dropped into my heart. Shawna is an amazing coach and person and she has the tools to take even the most hopeless of cases, like myself, to believing I’m a badass!  Shawna walks the talk. Not only that, it was fun, playful, full of humor and we still got mad work done. Shawna is safe. Do not hesitate to sign on. That is– IF you REALLY want your life to change.” Wendy

“Working with Shawna has been like finding a master key to life.  Every day I unlock something new that helps me understand how to live my life to the fullest.” ~ Katie L.

“A session with Shawna never feels like a session and yet when we are done, I find I always have a sense of lightness, peace and clarity about how to move forward with my life.  Working with Shawna feels like playing with Shawna and it is one of the kindness and most generous things I’ve ever done for myself.  I trust her implicitly, I treasure her instincts and ability to catch me getting in my own way, and I am thrilled by results she helps me achieve.  I am totally on team Shawna!”  ~ Janet

“Expect to laugh and cry (maybe at the same time!) with Shawna’s unique brand of compassionate witness: Soulful, irreverent, illuminating, life-changing.  I am so grateful to have experienced her deep and genuine caring, her gentle but determined prodding as she guided me on my journey of self-discovery.”           ~ M.E.

“I had never worked with a Life Coach before so wasn’t really sure what the “tangible outcomes” would be!  I was also not sure how it would work to talk to someone I had never met, about the personal challenges that I was going through in my work life.  After my very first session with Shawna, all of my apprehension disappeared.  She was able to define the core of my particular challenge and I really felt her understanding and empathy flowing through the phone line.  Shawna is a gifted life coach – insightful, empathetic, and gave me many tools that I use every day to navigate my career transition.  What I did not anticipate, is that it would also help me in my personal life – especially when faced with challenging family relationships. Her tip to be aware of the “hot tracks” in our body is something I return to many times a day – THANK YOU SHAWNA!” ~ Nilmini

I had the pleasure to have Shawna as a life coach. She truly helped me to identify my roadblocks and encouraged me to find helpful and creative ways to work through them. Her unique approach of truth, compassion, and optimism truly separates her from the rest! Shawna has definitely helped me to find the courage to want and demand better for my life!  ~ Erynn B.

Working with Shawna has been one of the most positive experiences of my life and has changed it for the better.  Shawna has coached me through good times and bad times and helped me change my way of thinking.  Through this process she has led me to discover things about myself that I was not aware were there.  Shawna is an amazingly positive person and is very committed to her work.  I am so grateful to have worked with her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking to better their life in any way.  ~ Katie O.