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Looking for the Secret to Delicious Change? A Fuller Life?

Whether you’re looking to heal your relationship with your body, family, or career, I provide seasoned guidance and support on the journey to change. And we’ll have fun in the process!

Shawna O’Hagan Morrow, Life Coach

Through 1-on-1 coaching I help you tap into your inspiration, building a confident connection to your mind, body and soul. Learn how to access the power to transform your life, while I guide you to “Find Your Feisty”!

So, what is “Find Your Feisty?” Feisty, to me, is synonymous with courage! It’s all about having the confidence to say what you want, ask for what you need, and stand up for yourself and others. You can be smart, sassy, fun, and fearless!

Feisty is being visible! Feisty is taking inspired action, and starting that new adventure. Feisty is living your life NOW to the fullest!

Learn how to get clarity and take inspired action, building courage and confidence in your business, body and life. Schedule your free consultation to discover how exactly we can find your feisty.

Find Your Feisty Podcast

The Find Your Feisty Podcast is where inspiration meets courage to create your feisty. Tired of putting your “real” life on hold? Do you put everyone else before yourself? Living your best life starts NOW.

I’m your host, Shawna O’Hagan Morrow — Certified Life Coach, Weight Coach, BARE Coach, as well as, a Certified Public Accountant. Through stories of my own learned lessons, aha moments, blunders, and successes we will connect, laugh, and get motivated.

My journey has been built on the stories of finding my voice, positive body image, confidence, communication, courage, balance and relationships with people and money. With each episode, we’ll be leaving “stuck” and “overwhelmed” in the rear-view mirror. Get a little feisty…I’ll show you how!

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