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I Quit My Job!

in Courage

Fear Is Not Your Friend.

Many of us think that if we are afraid – we will do things better.  If we are afraid of dying, then we’ll eat better and exercise more.  If we are afraid of being homeless, we’ll work harder.  If we’re afraid of being alone, we will see the good in our relationships.  If we are afraid of being laughed at, we will we stay quiet.

We think fear will keep us safe.  Keep us in check.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fear does the exact opposite.

Fear erodes our dreams.  Fear distracts is from our real work in the world and keeps us selling ourselves short.

I quit my corporate job a few months ago.  I was stressed out and not as happy as I wanted to be for quite a while.  I probably should have left a long time ago, but fear made me stay.

Fear kept me feeling small and fear kept telling me I couldn’t make it on my own.

Fear told me I couldn’t walk away from the money and perks.

Fear kept me from pursuing my dreams.

Fear kept me eating.

Fear kept me hustling for my worthiness.

Fear kept me stuck.

I had to finally ask myself – WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU AFRAID OF?  My answer was simple.  Everything.  Fear of failure.  Fear of success.  Of myself.  Of what could be.  Of the unknown.  Of being made fun of.

I gave fear all the power and I was left miserable and uninspired.  I wanted guarantees.   I wanted safety and security.  I wrote about being my own safety recently (check it out here) and it’s a constant reminder that we are our own safety.

My whole life I’ve been tied to certainty.  I’m a planner.  I like answers.  I do not like uncertainty at all.  The reason is because I was unwilling to be vulnerable.  Uncertainly requires that you snuggle up with vulnerability.  And leaving my corporate job, the life I have known for the last 20 years was uncertain.  I was amazing at my job.  I KNEW that.  I liked that certainty.

Starting my own consulting company and focusing on my coaching full time is uncertain.  There’s risk involved.

Here’s what I know.

I am willing to fail.  There is no failure in following my heart and my passion.  I can’t possibly fail at that.

I am willing to work.  I’m a hard worker.  I’ve spent the last 20 years making companies successful with my expertise, now it’s time I create my own success.

My path is not paved out to retirement.  It’s paved for the next few months and every day it extends out even further…and that’s ok.

I KNOW I’m a great coach.  I KNOW I help people transform their lives.

I am willing to embrace uncertainty and see where it leads me.  I don’t have to have it all figured out right now.

Stop letting fear drive your life.  Kick it out of the driver’s seat and take over!  Fear is a natural part of human emotion.  But it’s not helpful if it’s running our lives.  Fear was intended to keep us safe from predators as our survival instinct.  It’s not meant to be turned on all day every day as a way of life.  When we allow this to happen it’s toxic to our minds, hearts and souls.

You and I deserve better.   We can do this.  I’ve got your back!

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