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A Different Kind of Christmas

in Relationships & Family

This year I didn’t go Christmas shopping or buy lots of gifts, I didn’t send Christmas cards, I didn’t put my tree up or decorate outside. Some may say I’m bah humbug – but it’s actually the opposite. I’m very much in the Christmas spirit but this year I decided to do things differently.

I put up a small tree that reminds me of my grandma.  I donated to several great charities, I adopted a child in need with my co-workers and made his Christmas brighter, I will spend the most valuable thing I have, my time, with the people  I love the most. I will miss those that I can’t be with and I will make lots of memories.  I will cherish seeing the Christmas magic through my niece and nephews eyes. I will be grateful for all the things I have that money can’t buy.

So on this Christmas Eve, instead of running around trying to get it “all” done,  I invite you to try to sit back and enjoy the holiday, find the small miracles that make this holiday so special. Forget the list and go for the feeling!

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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