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Mother Your Own Way

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You can be a mother without having a child.  I’ve been mothering for a long time – probably my entire life.  I’ve mothered my younger siblings, friends, relationships, nieces, nephews, dogs and sometimes I’ve mothered my mother.

But I’m not a mother in the traditional sense.  I don’t have any children – unless my husband and dog count 🙂  Just kidding Dan is a grown ass man…most of the time.

I’m a dog mother and I love it.

I worry about others, I take their needs into consideration and I guide, nurture, care for, support and love them.

I am not a mother and yet I am exactly a mother. I “mother” the shit out of the people I love.  The fact that no one calls me mom doesn’t change that.

Mothering doesn’t have to be biological or even to be someone’s mother. It means being of service. It’s how you show up in the world.

There are women who choose not to become mothers.  There are women who want to be a mother, but it’s not in the cards for them.  They may have another calling.

The beautiful thing is that whether you’re a mother, mother figure, grandmother, aunt, sister, neighborhood mom, teacher, friend – show yourself some love today (and EVERYDAY) for all of the mothering that you do.  You’re impacting people’s lives with your encouragement, comfort, and love.  The world needs more of that for sure!

So let’s celebrate the act of mothering!  What it means at its core and to all the people who do it with and without the official title.  I can almost guarantee that it’s not just one person.  It takes a village.  Be part of the village.



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