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3 Questions to Ask Yourself

in Courage

I was always waiting for something to happen before I would allow myself to be happy. I was waiting to lose weight, to get married, buy a house, make more money, have kids, win the lottery, cure cancer, become president… I actually have no interest in being president but you get my point.

I was always putting my life and my happiness on hold until one of those things –  actually until all of those things happened.  If one happened, I’d say ” Yeah, the new job is great, but I still need to win the lottery. I’ll be happy when that happens.”

The truth is that I was never going to be truly happy because I was always feeling like I wasn’t enough.  I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough – you name it – Not Enough!

I know you do the same thing. I see it all the time and it breaks my heart to see women waiting for something to happen to make them happy. You can create your own happiness and I can show you how.

I finally realized that I was standing in my own way.  I was blocking my own happiness.  That may sound like terrible news, but it is actually fantastic news because I now could change it!!!

Through my journey with Janet Jones, I have become so much more courageous in my own life!

I once heard a wise coach, Michele Woodward, say that “Life isn’t about getting outside of your comfort zone – it’s about enlarging your comfort zone!”  I couldn’t agree more!

It’s not about throwing caution to the wind and going bungee jumping (unless that’s your thing – and in that case Rock On!).

It’s about learning that sometimes things can feel scary but in a good way and it’s OK to proceed. Taking some leaps of faith have been the greatest decisions I’ve ever made in my life.

Courage Camp will help you understand the difference between fear and excitement.
Hint:  There’s a HUGE difference.

So ask yourself:

  • What do I want most out of my life?
  • Do I know how to go about getting it?
  • What am I waiting for?

So take a leap with Janet & I and join us for Courage Camp.  You will not be sorry!

Go to to sign up!

Classes begin this Saturday June 21st at 9am!

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