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My Independence Day – I’m a Certified Weight Coach

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The 4th of July is the birthday of the United States. A country that I love! While celebrating last month with fireworks, barbeques and fun – the concept of independence made me think about how I define freedom and independence for myself.

I started thinking about all the years I was held hostage by my own thoughts.   I had kept myself caged in a hell that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I spent years telling myself that I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t thin enough. I wasn’t pretty enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t enough…fill-in the blank and I’m sure I said it to myself.

That is not the independence I craved or the freedom I deserved. It took me a VERY long time to figure out how to stop the negative thoughts that I allowed to creep in and run my life.   It wasn’t an immediate and total stoppage of negativity. It was a process. A battle for my freedom, if you will.

My thoughts are what kept me stuck, unhappy and overweight. I did not understand that I was creating my own misery by what I was thinking.

Thoughts are so important because they create our feelings.   The feelings create actions or inaction and those actions turn into results. So our thoughts ultimately create our results.   That’s the best news!

Because we are in control of our lives.   We can make changes as easily as changing the conversation that’s going on in our heads.

The battle was two steps forward and one step back at times. There have been good days and days – I would struggle and fall back into my old way of thinking. I used to think it was a dance between good and bad thoughts.   But it’s more accurate to say it’s been a dance between thoughts that are helpful and thoughts that are not.

Over time the helpful thoughts began to outweigh the not helpful ones and I began to feel better. Feeling better is contagious! And it snowballed in a good way…

It has been hard fought battle, but I’m free!

It’s a difference kind of independence. It’s freedom from feeling bad about myself. It’s freedom to be who I am.   The independence to stop seeking other’s approval for my self-worth.

Today is my independence day!   I’m excited to share with you that I am now a Certified Life and Weight Coach. As a weight coach I help women struggling with their weight and body image. I believe that the only thing standing between you and the life that you crave – are the thoughts running through your head.

I can teach you how to change your thinking so you can love what you see in the mirror, stop hating your body and feel more confident. I have been where you are. I understand. Let me show you a better way. My style is fun, a little feisty, caring and warm.

Here’s my video declaring my freedom….

I see you! Let’s get started. Contact me to claim your freedom!

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