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Bathing Suit Panic Attack

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A few weeks ago my brother asked me to watch my niece and nephew for the day.   I thought this is perfect – I’ll take them to the pool with my other two nephews and we’ll have so much fun!

Yeah, great idea until about 5 minutes before they arrive and I realize that I have to put on my bathing suit!

Full On Panic!

I’m searching for the “right” suit that hides me the best.  I’m bargaining in my head about how I cannot wear my suit and still take them to the pool.  Do I really need to take them to the pool?  Can I make up something and take them somewhere else for a day of fun?  I’m sweating, on the verge of tears, saying horrible things to myself.

I’m sure that most women can relate to this situation.

I want to change that!  I want to stop the panic and the mean girl voice in your head!

But it starts with me.  I stopped the violence just as fast as it started.  I had to make a decision.

What do I want?  I want to have a great day with my niece and nephews.  I want to have fun and the kind of fun I want to have requires a bathing suit.

Am I going to feel self-conscious or not good enough or unworthy?  Or am I going to sit on the sidelines of my life (or on the edge of the pool fully clothed) missing out?

My worthiness isn’t defined by the size of my bathing suit.  My niece and nephews don’t care what size I’m wearing.  They only care that Aunt Shawna is in the pool playing with them.

I’m so glad that I got over my shit because I had a great day with them!  It’s about making memories and having fun.  I got to spend 3 hours with them in the pool and I wasn’t worried the entire time about what I butt looked like.  I was too busy having a blast!

What other people think about me is none of my business.  What they may or may not be saying about me in my bathing suit says more about them than it will ever say about me.

What I care about are those 4 little people – spending time with them and letting them know how much I love them.   There’s nothing that can replace those moments.

If I had chosen to stay home or not get into my bathing suit, I would have missed out on shit ton of fun and that’s the reality!

This is living BARE!

So I decided that I’m going to start a 6 week class to help women feel inspired, empowered and peaceful in their bathing suits.   We are going to discuss what gets in the way of doing this and so much more:

  • How to put your bathing suit on
  • How to not care what other people think about you
  • How to take pictures without your makeup on
  • How to relax with yourself and enjoy your life

This is dropping the shield.

It’s about having the moment of not feeling good enough, but feeling empowered enough to make a different decision.

To make a choice not based on what I THINK I look like, but make a choice based on what I want to feel like.  I want to feel happiness, joy, love and fun.  That’s exactly what I felt that day.  That doesn’t depend on what size I am.

I want every woman to feel comfortable, confident and amazing this summer!   Feel great right now and stop putting your life on hold until you lose 10 pounds, 20 pounds or 100 pounds.  Love yourself RIGHT NOW!

Join me for a free call this Thursday, June 30th at 8pm.  Here’s the link to sign up for the free call:

To learn more about my 6 week confidence building kick ass class so you can enjoy your summer like never before go to

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